The Good Fight: Thanksgiving Throwdown III - Return of the Turkey!

FREE Turkey's Awarded To Advanced Winners...
PLEASE scroll down to the bottom and read where it says FREE TURKEYS

Date: Saturday, November 20

Venue: St. Matthews Baptist Church (Gym)

Address: 245 Glassboro Rd. Route 322, Williamstown, NJ  08094

Please keep in mind we still offer on-site registration.
Read the details below:

On-Site Registration is available November 20

1 Division: $80
2 Divisions (both Gi & No-Gi): $100


Please scroll down to read the tournament schedule to make sure you are on time for weigh-ins & registration for your particular division.

At-the-Door Spectator Tickets

Spectator Tickets purchased the night before or the day of the event will be $15.

When you go through the online Pre-Reg process you will have the opportunity to purchase spectator tickets at the $10 discounted rate. If you are not a competitor and would just like to purchase tickets you can do so on our website. If you scroll up on this webpage you will see the ordering link for tickets.

Children under 48" get in to all of The Good Fight for free!

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Purchased spectator tickets MUST BE purchased by Thursday (2 days before the tournament). Tickets are Will-Call only; and will NOT be mailed to will pick them up at the event. (There is a link above to pre-purchase your spectator tickets for only $10)

Tournament Schedule

8 - 9 am: On-Site Reg. & Weigh-Ins for all Kids & Teens. Scales close at 9 am!

10 am: Start of Kids and Teens. Gi divisions; then No-Gi.

11 - 12 noon: On-Site Reg. & Weigh-Ins for Adult Gi. Scales close at 12 noon!

1 pm: Start of Adult Gi matches followed by Gi Absolute divisions.

1 - 2 pm: On-Site Reg. & Weigh-Ins for Adult No-Gi. Scales close at 2 pm!

3 pm: Start of Adult No-Gi matches followed No-Gi Absolute divisions.

5 pm: Approximate start time of the No-Gi takedown tournament. Must be weighed in by 2 pm!

All competitors can weigh-in Fri. or Sat. You can weigh-in on Fri, the night before the tournament from 5 -8 pm, or Sat. prior to the start of your division, within the cut-off times.

Our No-Gi Takedown Tournament Will Be Held At The End Of The Adult No-Gi Divisions!

All wrestling, judo & sambo style takedowns are allowed. There is NO slamming or throwing your opponent on their head or neck. If/when you pick your opponent up you MUST deliver them safely to the mat. (This takedown tournament is for adults only. Teens ages 15 yrs. and up may enter with their coaches & parents permission.)

How to win: The takedown tournament will follow a 'best 2 outta 3' style. You must take your opponent down twice before advancing forward in the bracket. You must take your opponent down to their hip, side, back, shoulders or butt and hold them for 3 seconds.

Weigh-Ins & On-Site Registration

All competitors can weigh-in Fri. or Sat. You can weigh-in on Fri, the night before the tournament from 5 -8 pm, or Sat. prior to the start of your division, within the cut-off times.

FRIDAY - Night Before Weigh-Ins & ON-SITE Registration

5 - 8 pm: Night before weigh-ins and on-site registration will be held at each tournament venue. Weigh-ins will be open to all competitors regardless if they have pre-registered.
DO NOT BE LATE; scales will close at 8 pm on all Friday night-before weigh-ins!

SATURDAY - Weigh-Ins & ON-SITE Registration

If you cannot make it on Friday for weigh-ins, you can weigh-in on Saturday starting at 8 am. Adults can always show up earlier than their recommended weigh-in time if they like; but they are not required to. Competitors DO NOT have to weigh-in with  their Gi on.

IMPORTANT: The following times are when scales close:

  • Scales close at 9 am for ALL Kids & Teen competitors.
  • Scales close at 12 noon for ALL Adult Gi competitors.
  • Scales close at 2 pm for ALL Adult No-Gi competitors.

You MUST be ON TIME! When planning drive time for your trip you MUST take into account traffic and the possibility of getting lost so you are not late. If you are late for weigh-ins you wil be disqualified. 

The Good Fight: Weight Classes & Bracketing

The Good Fight is currently using what is called: The Madison System. This weight-class and block-bracketing system became a popular tournament format in the world of scholastic wrestling. Because it is a block-bracketing system there are no set-weight classes to sign up for. This allows the tournament director to pair grapplers into brackets (usually 8-man) based on their actual weight during weigh-ins; the day of the tournament.

This system of block-bracketing prevents competitors from cutting excessive weight since they don’t know the weight classes until after the brackets are posted the day of the tournament. Competitors benefits greatly because it allows them to be paired up with grapplers closest to their actual weight and skill level.

At weigh-ins, each grappler turns in his or her weigh-in card that they receive when they check in at the tournament. After they step on the scale their actual-weight is recorded and written on the top-right side of their weigh-in card.

After the scales close, brackets are built starting with the lightest competitors forming the first weight class and so forth. If there is too large a weight difference between the lightest and heaviest wrestlers in a particular bracket, the bracket is divided into smaller weight classes. The Good Figth will strive to utilize a "10-2" rule where everyone in a bracket is within 10 percent weight and (two years of age for kids and teens).

After the weight classes are determined, each bracket is adjusted by separating competitors from the same school. It is important that ALL competitors from the same school put down the exact same team name or this could cause a problem in the bracketing software when separating teammates. Once a bracket has been rearranged and checked, they are printed out and then posted on the wall. Competitors are then given a chance to look over the brackets. If they find any problems they can bring it to the attention of the tournament director for correction or explanation of why.

Aside from preventing grapplers from cutting weight, the Madison System has other advantages. By striving to put an equal number of competitors in a bracket, it allows almost everyone to have to grapple the same amount of matches to win first place. In many tournaments there is often a wide range in the number of bouts it takes to win 1st place. If there are four wrestlers in a bracket, one would need to win just two bouts. However, a bracket with 36 grapplers might require six or more victories. The Madison System eliminates this situation.

Tournament Format & Crowd Control

The Good Fight has adopted an improved set-up format to create more organization, better traffic control and a more professional tournament environment. Here are the 3 main areas that will help distinguish where you should be.

Competition Area: Competitors, refs, scorekeepers & mat coordinators are allowed in this area. No coaches, parents or spectators.

Holding Area: This area is reserved for competitors and coaches. Competitors must wait in the holding area until their bracket is called.

Spectator Area: This area is for all spectators; including parents, friends, family, coaches & teammates.


The Good Fight will award full-color, custom medals to ALL 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners of each and every division...including winners of the Absolute divisions and the No-Gi Takedown tournament. All children competitors will receive a participation award even if they do not place 1st, 2nd or 3rd.


PLUS, all Adult Advanced No-Gi and Purple Belt division winners will receive a FREE turkey! Also, all Kids & Teens Intermediate winners of both the Gi & No-Gi divisions will also receive a FREE turkey. This is all in addition to the first place medals division winners will recieve. Finally, the winner of the No-Gi takedown tournament will also receive a FREE turkey as well.