SATURDAY: Weigh-Ins & Registration - CASH ONLY
If you cannot make it on Friday for weigh-ins, you can weigh-in on Saturday starting at 8 am. Adults can always show up earlier than their recommended weigh-in time if they like; but they are not required to. Competitors DO NOT have to weigh-in with their Gi on. You MUST be ON TIME! When planning drive time for your trip you MUST take into account traffic and the possibility of getting lost so you are not late. 
If you are late for weigh-ins you wil be disqualified. IMPORTANT: Scales close for Kids @ 9am; for Adult Gi @ 12pm; for Adult NoGi @ 3pm

Saturday, May 19

Venue: Sports & More

Address: 1855 Hurffville Rd. Sewell, NJ  08080

On-Site Registration Is Available TODAY!

1 Division is $80

2 Divisions (both Gi & No-Gi) is $100

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Tournaments in Sewell NJ

NJ Open Will Also Host Judo Takedown Divisions For Kids, Teens & Adults

The Good Fight will have a test run of Judo/Gi Takedown divisions at the NJ Open. This is opened to everyone and will take three takedowns to win. The competition shall be governed by the IJF rules. For more information or if you have any questions visit: or call David Osaghae at: 856-842-6948.

At-the-Door Spectator Tickets

Spectator Tickets purchased the night before or the day of the event will be $15. When you go through the online Pre-Reg process you will have the opportunity to purchase spectator tickets at the $10 discounted rate. If you are not a competitor and would just like to purchase tickets you can do so on our website. If you scroll up on this webpage you will see the ordering link for tickets. Children 7 yrs old and under get in to The Good Fight for free! Children 8-12 yrs old are only $10. PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Purchased spectator tickets MUST BE purchased by Thursday (2 days before the tournament). Tickets are Will-Call only; they will NOT be mailed. You will pick them up at the event. (Above is the link to pre-purchase your spectator tickets for only $10)

Tournament Sponsors:

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made it simple with his detailed explanation
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Mike Constantino
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Team & Family Discount: A Brand New Way To Save Money!

Here's how easy it is to save more money with us: Register 2 or more family members or teammates on the same invoice and you automatically save an additional $5 per division. For example: If the Early Bird Pre-Registration rate is $69 for 1 division or $89 for 2 divisions you'll be able to get an additional discount and now pay only $64 for 1 division or $79 for 2 divisions.

The best way for all your teammates to get this discount is by having at least 2 competitors added to the pre-registration invoice BEFORE you actually check out and pay for it. Please note: You'll have to use 1 credit card number to pay for the final competitor registration bill. Also, keep in mind that you CANNOT go back and add a competitor to an invoice after you pay and receive the discount. You MUST add at least 2 or more competitors each time in order to receive the additional discount. We are happy to be able to pass this savings along to you!

GIANT 4" Medals That Are Totally Custom and In Full Color!

The Good Fight will be awarding 4" medals to ALL 1st, 2nd and 3rd place-winners. Our medals are done in full-color. The medals we award are all event specific; so rest assured that each tournament you compete in will be a totally unique medal. Our medals also include the tournament date which further designates not only what you won but when you won. Also, kids and teens competitors will receive a participation medal even if they don't win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Special Team Prize!

Whatever team ends up earning the most CROWNED points at the tournament will win a 3'x5' full-color tournament banner. After the individual CROWNED points are tallied up The Good Fight will mail out the banner to the school that one. The winning school then has the option of hanging it in their school or gym or awarding it to one of their competitors if they choose. To read more about how to earn CROWNED points CLICK HERE!

New Jersey Open Tournament Schedule:
All times are tentative. PLEASE be ready at least 30 minutes prior to your tentative start time.

8-9 am:    Weigh-Ins for all Kids & Teens.

10:00 am: Gi divisions start for kids and teens.

11:00 am: NoGi divisions start for kids and teens.

12:00 pm: JUDO for kids/teens start

12:00 pm: Weigh-ins CLOSE for adult Gi competitors.
12:30 pm: Female Gi divisions start.

12:45 pm: Purple belt Gi divisions start.

1:15 pm:   Blue belt Gi divisions start.

2:30 pm:   White belt Gi divisions start.

3:00 pm:   Scales CLOSE for all adult NoGi competitors

3:30 pm:   Female NoGi divisions start.

3:45 pm:   Purple NoGi divisions start.

4:00 pm:   Blue NoGi divisions start.

5:00 pm:   White NoGi divisions start.

6:00 pm:   JUDO for Adults start

All competitors have the option of weighing-in on Friday or Saturday. You can weigh-in on Friday; the night before the tournament
from 6 -8 pm, or Saturday prior to the start of your division or within the cut-off times described below.

Weigh-Ins & On-Site Registration

FRIDAY - Night Before Weigh-Ins & ON-SITE Registration 6 - 8 pm: Night before weigh-ins and on-site registration will be held at the venue. Weigh-ins will be open to all competitors regardless if they have pre-registered. DO NOT BE LATE; scales will close at 8 pm on all Friday night-before weigh-ins!

SATURDAY - Weigh-Ins & ON-SITE Registration If you cannot make it on Friday for weigh-ins, you can weigh-in on Saturday starting at 8 am. Adults can always show up earlier than their recommended weigh-in time if they like; but they are not required to. Competitors DO NOT have to weigh-in with  their Gi on. You MUST be ON TIME! When planning drive time for your trip you MUST take into account traffic and the possibility of getting lost so you are not late. If you are late for weigh-ins you wil be disqualified. IMPORTANT: The following times are when scales close:

  • Scales close at 9 am for ALL Kids & Teen competitors.
  • Scales close at 12 noon for ALL Adult Gi competitors.
  • Scales close at 3 pm for ALL Adult No-Gi competitors.

Adult (18-29 yrs) & Executive (30+ yrs) Divisions

For all males ages 18-29 years old we offer the following Adult divisions: White belt, Blue belt, Purple belt, Brown belt & Black belt.

For all males ages 30 years or older we offer the following Executive divisions: White belt & Blue belt.

PLEASE NOTE: Any Purple, Brown or Black belts over the age of 30 who wish to compete are allowed to so. However, they will be grouped with the 18-29 year old age group. When pre-registering as a purple, brown or black belt please select the Adult division. From their you will be able to select your belt division and weight-class. So, to re-cap; there are only Executive divisions for White & Blue belts.

ONE MORE THING: It is required that you register for your correct age group. If you are 30 years of age or older you MUST register for the executive division. If you are 18-29 years old you MUST register for the Adult division. With that said, the ONLY time we will combine adult and executive age divisions together, is if their is not at least 3 competitors in your executive or adult weight class. If this is the case the ages will be combined.

IBJJF Tournament Rules

The Good Fight uses the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) rules for scoring points, match duration and legal/illegal moves. There are some slight variations that are different when it comes to apparal to be worn. Please be sure to read over The Good Fight rules so you know exactly how to score point, what is allowed in your divisions and what is allowed/not allowed to be worn. Here is the link to our rules page: The Good Fight IBJJF Tournament Rules!

IBJJF Weight Classes

The Good Fight is currrently using the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) weight classes for all male & female competitors over the age of 18. Below are the weight-classes that you will select upon registration. You DO NOT have to wear your gi for weigh-ins.

Male IBJJF Weight Classes

Rooster: 122.5 lbs

Light Feather: 135.5 lbs

Feather: 149 lbs

Light: 162 lbs

Middle: 175.5 lbs

Medium Heavy: 188.5 lbs

Heavy: 202 lbs

Super Heavy: 215 lbs

Ultra Heavy: over 215 lbs

Female IBJJF Weight Classes

Light Feather: 113.5 lbs

Feather: 124.5 lbs

Light: 135.5 lbs

Middle: 147 lbs

Medium Heavy: 158 lbs

Heavy: over 158 lbs

PLEASE NOTE: Competitors DO NOT have to weigh-in with their gi on!

All Kids and Teen competitors will have divisions grouped apart by closest weight, age and skill. Please read below for details.

Kids & Teens Weight-Classes & Bracketing

The Good Fight is currently using what is called: The Madison System for all kids and teens competitors. This weight-class and block-bracketing system became a popular tournament format in the world of scholastic wrestling. Because it is a block-bracketing system there are no set-weight classes to sign up for. This allows the tournament director to pair grapplers into brackets based on their actual weight during weigh-ins; the day of the tournament.

This system of block-bracketing prevents competitors from cutting excessive weight since they don’t know the weight classes until after the brackets are posted the day of the tournament. Competitors benefits greatly because it allows them to be paired up with grapplers closest to their actual weight and skill level. At weigh-ins, each grappler turns in his or her weigh-in card that they receive when they check in at the tournament. After they step on the scale their actual-weight is recorded & written on the top of their weigh-in card.

After the scales close, brackets are built starting with the lightest competitors forming the first weight class and so on. If there is too large a weight difference between the lightest & heaviest wrestlers in a particular bracket, the bracket is divided into smaller weight classes. The Good Fight will strive to utilize a "10-2" rule where everyone in a bracket is within 10 percent weight & (2 years of age for kids and teens).

After the weight classes are determined, each bracket is adjusted by separating competitors from the same school. It is important that ALL competitors from the same school put down the exact same team name or this could cause a problem in the bracketing software when separating teammates. Once a bracket has been rearranged and checked, they are printed out and then posted on the wall. Competitors are then given a chance to look over the brackets. If they find any problems they can bring it to the attention of the tournament director for correction or explanation of why.

Aside from preventing grapplers from cutting weight, the Madison System has other advantages. By striving to put an equal number of competitors in a bracket, it allows almost everyone to have to grapple the same amount of matches to win first place. In many tournaments there is often a wide range in the number of bouts it takes to win 1st place. If there are four wrestlers in a bracket, one would need to win just two bouts. However, a bracket with 36 grapplers might require six or more victories. The Madison System eliminates this situation.


The Good Fight "Finish-On-Time" 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Pound for pound we are the most well-organized bjj tournament circuit on the market today in our opinion. Yes, we may be biased, but we are also right. To prove this we have an offer for you! We feel so passionate about getting you out on time we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is!

Kids & Teens "Guarantee Finish Time" - 1 pm

Adult Gi Divisions "Guarantee Finish Time" - 5 pm

Adult NoGi Divisions "Guarantee Finish Time" - 8 pm

"If we do not finish your division by the time listed above
we will give you your money back, no questions asked!"

We pride ourselves on getting things right. That doesn't mean we're perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them. If you're not happy with your Good Fight tournament experience we'll either credit you a future Good Fight tournament or give you your money back. It's your choice.