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Saturday Registration Time Deadlines: (kids/teens by 9 am; adult gi by 12 noon; adult nogi by 3 pm)



MD Grappling Championships: January 11, 2014

Maryland University
(Ritchie Coliseum)

7950 Baltimore Ave.

College Park, MD 20742

Attention: Important GPS Direction INFO!

Some GPS's are having a hard time finding Ritchie Coliseum. If this is the case type in the Police Station address to the right. This will bring you to the venue. Police Station will be on your left; across the street Ritchie Coliseum will be on your right.

Police Station

3 Rossborough Drive

College Park, MD 20740


Download Tournament Flyer Here!

EARLY BIRD Pricing: 

1 division: $69

2 divisions: $89

You must pay online to receive discount!

REGULAR Pricing:

1 division: $79

2 divisions: $99

You must pay online to receive discount!

1/10 & 1/11

1 division: $90

2 divisions: $110

You register online; but don't pay online!

Tournament Pre-Registration: 

All Good Fight bjj tournaments are pre-registration only. We offer online pricing discounts for competitors who choose to register and pay online. We also offer the option to pay cash at the door for competitors who choose to register online without paying.

Pre-Registration Fee Structure:

There are 3 price levels: early bird, regular and pay-at-the-door. Competitors who register & pay online by the early bird or regular pricing deadlines will receive the cooresponding discount pricing. Please understand: you must pay online to recieve the discount. If you just register yourself online without paying you would be choosing the pay-at-the-door option and will pay the cooresponding pay-at-the-door fees when you arrive at the tournament.

The Super OPEN:

The Super Open is a qualifying only, open weight class, Absolute division. There will be a Super Open weight class for each belt level for both Gi and NoGi adult/executive divisions. In order to qualify for the Super Open weight class you must win 1st place in your division. For example: all 1st place winners in the the adult white belt divisions and all 1st place winners in the executive white belt divisions will be placed into the white belt gi Super Open class. The same criteria will be for blue & purple belts as well. There will be a total of 6 Super Open weight classes: white (gi), blue (gi), purple (gi), white (nogi), blue (nogi), purple (nogi). There is no super open weight class planned for brown or black belts at this time.


The Good Fight "Finish-On-Time" 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Pound for pound we are the most well-organized bjj tournament circuit on the market today...in our opinion. Yes, we may be biased, but we are also right. To prove this we have an offer for you! We feel so passionate about getting you out on time we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is!

Kids & Teens "Guarantee Finish Time" - 1:30 pm

Adult Gi Divisions "Guarantee Finish Time" - 5:30 pm

Adult NoGi Divisions "Guarantee Finish Time" - 8:30 pm

"If we do not finish your division by the time listed above we will give you
your money back, no questions asked!"

Please note: Our finish on time guarantee does not include the Open Class divisions.